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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Our Man in Bristol

Been a while since my last post since I have been busy either dealing with the little darlings at Primary School or hauling thingy to Bristol. Actually despite my desire to present a suitably cynical exterior I must confess that saying goodbye to the kids at school was a bit sad, especially since they were for the most part very sweet about my departure, even if one of them did give me a streaming cold as a leaving present. Arrived into Bristol on Saturday, started the course on Monday, and have since passed the time going to lectures, ploughing through the requisite ten tons of paperwork, and trying to sort out the various essentials of life: food, drink and internet connections. The post-grad accommodation I’ve been hooked up with seems pretty decent, the one drawback being the ruddy great hill standing between it and the university and, aided by the redoubtable Vivienne, I have managed to find my way around to most places of importance, not to mention several places of absolutely no importance whatsoever.

The course itself seems pretty interesting although the dual techniques of intimidation of impending work (not yet issued, but fully detailed in various thick handbooks) and death by paperwork are preceding apace. More detail on precisely what I’ve been up to can be found on my teaching blog. Meanwhile the small world rule has been as busy as ever - the three other teaching students at primary school included somewhere who was in my class there twelve years back, someone who whilst not exactly knowing my brother recognised the name and was at least aware of his existence, and someone who, at a different school, had the same Year 6 teacher as me. Meanwhile one of my fellow citizenship students turn out to have been one of the guys from my course at uni, at the same college, and who lived next door in our third year. I look forward to my first school placement when it will no doubt transpire one of my students from Japan is studying their on exchange and the caretaker is my long lost uncle.

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