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Sunday, October 03, 2004


Surrealism: A Case Study

I can safely say that this weekend was one of the more surreal of my existence: I have on previous occasions carried bathtubs through town centers and attempted to invade whole oxford colleges, but on a scale of one to surreal this weekend was a tap-dancing dodo in a pink tutu presenting university challenge. It is after all not every weekend that you get to shake an ex-prime ministers hand and then have to go to casualty to get four stitches in it. I should perhaps explain that the two incidents weren't actually related, save that they both occurred at the same function, but nevertheless.

You see this weekend I headed back to my old college for the Balliol Society Annual Dinner. This being an Oxford college there were all the no-doubt standard offices of such occasions: tea and cakes, followed by At Home with the Master, pre-dinner drinks in the buttery and a three course dinner in full black tie. Included amongst the various dignitaries was Sir Edward Heath, who despite looking quite frail, and it being made clear in advance that he probably wouldn't speak, in fact did made a very interesting speech. His speech, and his turning up to make it, impressed me so much that I went up to his table afterwards to basically say so, at which juncture the shaking the hand of an ex-Prime minister part of the evening occurred.

Unfortunately about an hour later I was trying to open a bottle at after-dinner drinks when the &^!$%# bottle opener slipped covering the immediate vicinity in a certain amount of blood, most or all of which appeared to be my own, necessitating a swift trip with a friend to the minor injuries department of the local casualty, still by the way wearing full black tie. Three hours later I was cast oft into the night carrying said four stitches in my finger and reflecting that it had been a slightly odd evening. I should say that the staff at the casualty were excellent, and although it took a longish while to get treated the service was very professional. There was a moment of darkish bureaucracy directed comedy though when I had to provide all of my address and GP details before being asked what the problem was: call me old fashioned but they used to check how serious it was first…

The surrealism wasn't quite over though since the cabby who took us back to the city proved to have a very broad oxford accent and a desire to rant about students (which we weren't but presumably might have been), drunks (ditto) and Muslims (which we clearly weren't but still). Once Mr. Happy Happy Joy Joy had dropped us back it remained only to reflect that it had been a very strange evening indeed...

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